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Green Battery and GES Module this is a creation which is capable to generates electricity from brine (salt water) and fresh water. GES means Green Energy Source.

This invento it´s formeds by cells, which are conecteds in series and parallel linkeds can voltage provides from them and potency as required.

This is composeds of inner nuclei that makes a great advantages in potency. Each cell can generates up to 0.6V and its Standard dimensions are 10mm x 10mm x 15mm.

Its elaboration is simply easy material used  is quite friendly environment green. Supplying by brine reaches a very nice result.

Green Battery and GES Module cell can be produceds in both ways:

First – With rechargeable cells; which enable users supply and change waters inside cells, what will be possible clean all them.

Second – With desposable cells, in this way all cells are closeds vacuum andu ser are not able to recharge it. In this way every Green Battery and GES Module will be used up to last.

For both situations the cell theory applications and manufacture can be vary by circunstances and conveniences, and applications will be described later.


Relation Between Volume and Voltage Produced


A common cell size is 10mm x 10mm x 15mm of space to generating 0.6V (per each cell). About cell height is not more than 15mm.

PS: I performed an experiment which was possible making 3.25 Volts in 6 drops water. Dimensions cells was of 3mm x 3mm x 3mm. I did it myself in freehand.




Its operation is summarizeds in putting fresh water or grine inside cells and work is instantly. This cells can be linkeds in serial connections and parallel connections. Inside this cells contains a system that works as parallel connections what make them more potent. Cell standard dimensions is 10mm x 10mm x 15mm or less generating 0.6 Volt.




Main advantages are: This cells doesn’t need of sun light for working. No needs of winds power, and is not necessary to put them in higher temperature, because it works well in temperature lower than 0ºC

Subjected to recent tests I got excellent results. I performed tests in water temperature from 0ºC up to 100ºC, and when water reaches 100ºC its intensity grow up in 10000% (a ten thousand percent).

Another advantage is what the leasing of space of  modules in the assemblies (in this case I’m telling about GES Module and no Green Battery).

Advantages about cell sizes and locations – On the contrary to solar photovoltaic that need its faces uncovered for catchment of sun light and day light, my GES Module can be located overlapping one another, saving space.

And the greatest advantage is about composition; purely green! 100% reciclable, renewable and  cheap!


Following showing the graphic of percentage of  intensity cell per temperature.

Green Battery


As you can see in accordance to temperature water the potency gains can be upper to 10000%   (ten thousand percent) of its effort!

I devenloped this cell to works in temperature from 0ºC up to 100ºC, and its capacity are vary to water temperature so no worries about low or higher temperatures, because under both condition it will not stop working or fall short in production. Once you keeping them in a stable temperature oscilation gains will not occur.

About the voltage, temperature variations will not influence class in them voltages will be always of 0.6V per cell.



Lifetime and Recharge 

At the present time I don’t know how many time of lifetime of each cell and for as long as the same water can to producing voltage no need to changing them. Since my first test was never need water changing.



Ways of Applications 

House application – Will be used common rechargeable cells or desposable cells which will work between temperature of 10ºC and 50ºC. Nice choice to save money.


Industry application – Will be used special cells where will be working in high temperature place; fixing on bigger heatsinks to compensate electricity power waisted in heat by machines. These cells will be working in temperatures from 50ºC up to 100ºC.


Other applications – Seen these cells can working well in iced water as many as hot water, then they can be leaseds in extremes places, both cold and hot!



See below illustrations of the Green Battery and GES Module.


Green Battery


Green Battery


Green Battery


Now, a preview image of GES Module and its cells compound. Get some observation to the rectangle smaller; it’is the cells – a total of 20 to generating 12V. Dimensions are 124mm x 124mm x 20mm. This model is an assemblies as like traditional Photovoltaic Panels (PV), but the advantage is no necessity of sun light ofr working well as discussed lines above.




GES Module